Special Requests

Looking for something extra special?

Why don’t you call me to discuss it. I have produced many 21st, 30th, 40th and 50th birthday custom made plates. All I need to know are the interests of the person who will receive the gift so that I can come up with a design to suit the occasion. I am sure your plate will be the centre of attention at that big party!!!

  • Send me sample materials or image so your gift will complement your idea.
  • What about Feature Tiles for your new bathroom or kitchen?
  • Why not have something spectacular that coordinates with your decorations and colour scheme.

Special Request Form

  • Describe the occasion and date your gift is for.
  • Include a photo of people to be included on your gift.
  • Custom Message for back of gift and names to be included on front of gift.

Give Kyoko a call on 0423 387 732 or email HodgPodg to discuss your special request.